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Our background in both the private and public sector gives us a real strength of knowledge when it comes to providing tailored leadership and management training to our business and corporate clients.

Our unique offering is key to our success.

We don’t offer textbook sessions, everything is created bespoke for each client’s specific needs and requirements thus delivering strong outcomes based results.  Our training is based on real life experiences in both the corporate world, proven leadership and personal experiences of mental health and recovery.

Below are some examples of the sessions we are undertaken:

  • 10.15am – this is a training session for leaders or managers to better understand what it’s like to suffer with a mental illness. It’s very personal, open and interactive. The session aims to open up a discussion and help breakdown the barriers in the workplace.
  • Walk in their Shoes’ – a workshop aimed at leaders and managers to look at their own leadership style and how sometimes their leadership causes ‘stress’ in themselves and others. This is a self-discovery workshop and allows participants the time to explore.
  • ‘Your Mind is Full’  - this seminar aims to help leaders de clutters what’s no longer important off of there to do list. Overload creates anxiety and worry and makes individuals less productive. Great session to help see what’s important again.
  • Personal Stock Price – leadership is not easy. We all make mistakes. But we have a value to our leadership. This session helps individual to explore and understand what their values are and how they live up to them both for themselves and in front of others.

As well as group seminars we do work with talent management schemes. Whether its individual mentoring as part of a talent development programme or graduate recruitment seminars / welcome events.

Contact us for more information on Talent Management.

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