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Mental well being seminars, conference sessions and workshops from Canna Consulting.

Find below a sample selection of the bespoke workshops, seminars and conference topics we can provide. For further detailed information please contact us.

"Walk in their shoes”

Great Conference session or seminar with a focus on what it really feels like to have a mental breakdown, and the journey from illness to recovery. It's a real life personal story. The presentation is inspirational, thought provoking and fun. It allows the audience to appreciate the illness, understand some key signs they could notice in their employees or teams. There is also an open and honest Q&A session - where the delegates can ask anything as long as they are prepared for an honest answer. This really opens up the discussion about mental health and helps breakdown the barriers.

Audience: Team Leaders, HR Managers, Manager and leaders of all levels.

“Walk in their shoes" (expanded version)

Following on from the above. There is a workshop and extended seminar versions available. We focus on all of the above and then expand the themes into interactive group work. We explore how individual styles of leadership can have an effect on teams and employees. There is a chance for personal reflection about the delegates own style linked to added anxiety of the teams. We also do some exploration on 360-degree feedback.

Audience: Team Leaders, Middle to Upper Management

“Your Shopping Trolley”

This is an interactive workshop or seminar and is based around work life balance, mental well being, reducing stress and work based anxiety. The session starts with talking about a personal story of doing too much, filling the shopping trolley until it overflows. There are then individual and group exercises to explore themes like working smarter, clearing out old jobs to allow room for new ones, ranking importance of jobs to ease anxiety and workload stress.

The delegate are left with personal actions to work through.

Audience: Junior/Middle Managers and those embarking on their managerial career.

These are only a small selection of what we can provide. All sessions are bespoke and are designed to your needs.We look forward to hearing from you. 

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