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Mental Wellbeing - the layers. Open up the discussion at your workplace.

My mental illness started months before my breakdown … the breakdown was my saviour! If this hadn’t have happened when it did, my life would have been a different story. Thank god it happened.

With hindsight, it’s easy to see - the picture is clear my illness was a result of layering over months if not years.

Small episodes, little things all being layered upon each other, over time building into one solid mass of anxiety, fear, worry and stress.

Think of how a novel develops it’s plot stage-by-stage, line by line, one plot at a time … this is how the anxiety and depression creeps up … well it did with me anyway.

The layers built until one day … BOOM … my mind and body said no more … it had reached the capacity … it was the end of the novel!

In work at the time, the layers were difficult to notice … a few late evening working on emails, long car journeys with no breaks, one job too many and me thinking I was invincible taking on more, thriving off the pressure. How wrong I was to accept the layers.

Today … I don’t accept so many layers, I prioritise what’s needed, what’s urgent gets done first and there are only so many layers I accept in a day. I get rid of the layers I don't need and allow space for new and better ones.

Today … I teach others this concept, we explore the layers and how others feel with too many or do they provide too many layers to their teams?

Are you living with layers or are you dishing them out?

Canna Consulting provide mental well-being coaching and training to individuals and organisations - we help you and your teams deliver more with a mental strategy.

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