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Your Storage

Storage Full?How often have you had to delete apps, photos or files to make more room? Or are you the type that just buys more memory and keeps on adding more to your device?

In our daily lives, we are great at adding more and more into our mind. We keep on adding to the list, constantly searching for the next thing, moving on quickly from one task to the next.

We have become used to taking in so much information. How soon after waking do you look at your phone, tablet or computer? How much information do you take in before you leave the house?

If you coach teams, manage people how often do you add to their workload, develop additional actions, create more plans and deadlines?

BUT - how often do we take away things? How good are you at deleting the old things, reducing your workload of unnecessary actions, helping your teams reduce their load of 'things' that really are not value adding?

We all live busy lives, but sometimes are we being busy fools ... chasing old and unnecessary work?

REMEMBER ... unlike your phone ... you CANNOT BUY MORE MEMORY ...!

@ Canna Consulting, we provide seminars, workshops and training courses to help you develop actions for a balanced and wellbeing work life. We work with teams in organisations and workplaces across the UK. Invest in your well-being.

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