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We work with a wide range of personal clients providing high level coaching and mentoring on a range of career, leadership and personal development needs.

Our sessions are designed based on the needs of each individual client and outcomes are agreed at the beginning of the coaching / mentoring journey.

Personal clients benefit from our experience and we work together to support and open up new thinking, challenge current thoughts and allow the space for individuals to grow and think in a non-judgmental environment.

Some of the sessions we have worked on are:

  • Career changes – mapping out the path and looking at the opportunities and challenges involved
  • Interview preparation – coaching on confidence, preparing answers to specific or challenging questions, the interview process and key skills to help with achieving a great experience at interview.
  • Leadership mentoring – a wide range of sessions on leadership challenges, from having difficult conversations, achieving a suitable work life balance to starting out on your leadership journey.
  • Moving from employed > self employed – many find this a huge personal change, we work on recognising the challenges and how we face them and put in mechanisms to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Public Speaking  - many find the thought of standing up in public to present, speak or delivery a speech a daunting experience. We coach to ensure you control the nerves thus delivering at your best.

We normally work with clients on a cycle of 3 or 6 sessions; this enables us to build our relationship thus getting the most out of our time together.

Our coaching is interactive, engaging and bespoke.

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